How to watch the blaze that broke out at a Calgary restaurant

Calgary, AB – A blaze broke out inside a popular Calgary restaurant on Saturday afternoon, forcing its owner to flee for safety.

Flames and smoke could be seen billowing from the scene.

Fire crews arrived on scene just after 11:00 a.m. and quickly extinguished the flames.

Flames were seen billoping up from the restaurant and smoke was billowing into the air.

Flames are seen billoped up from a Calgary dining area on Saturday.

(Calgary Police Service) “It’s a little bit scary but we got to do our job,” said Flames owner and general manager Rob Kosterski.

“It was a little early to get out there and we had to evacuate.”

Flames owner Rob Kasterski was at the restaurant at the time of the fire.

Flames fire department was called to the scene on Saturday morning.

Flames owner-general manager Rob Keastersk is seen on the ground outside a restaurant in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Flames owners Rob Kusterski and Rick Kaster, along with several other people were at the Calgary restaurant when flames broke out.

Flames business owner Rick Koster said the business is still closed but the owner is safe.

Flames CEO Rick Sutcliffe said he had no information about the cause of the blaze, but he would look into it.

Flames president and CEO Jim Barker said it was a “very, very unfortunate” situation.

Flames chief operating officer John DeGroot said the city will work with the company to get more information.

Flames’ Rob Kisterski is seen in this undated handout photo.

Flames general manager Rick Sutcliff and CEO John Degroot speak to the media in Calgary.

Flames executives Rob Kesterski, left, and Rick Sutcroft left the scene after a blaze broke down inside the Calgary dining hall.

Flames President and CEO Rick Stutcliffe and Flames CEO John deGroot speak on the scene of the restaurant fire.

(CBC) Flames President of Hockey Operations/General Manager Rick SutCliff said he was “very fortunate” he was not injured.

Flames General Manager Rob Krosterski said he heard “sirens going off” around 11:15

Flames management will continue to evaluate the situation.

Calgary Flames owner Rick Sutcler says the business has been evacuated.

Flames manager Rob Kozlowski said the fire started outside the restaurant on the front lawn.

Flames employees and customers were evacuated from the building.

Flames staff and customers are being allowed back into the restaurant, which was evacuated about 10:00 p.m., Sutcliffs staff said.

Flames security and management are being evacuated from a nearby area.

Flames spokesman Doug Smith said a team of 10 Flames employees was “in the building at the moment” and that an investigation is underway.

Flames team president and general manger Rick Koster said there were “no immediate reports of injuries or fires.”

Flames team operations manager Dave Friesen told the Calgary Sun that there were no reports of smoke.

Flames coach Rick Subban was outside the Flames’ hotel room.

Flames players are outside Flames management building.

A large section of the front of the Flames arena was engulfed by flames.

(Twitter) Flames officials were outside the hotel when Flames officials arrived on the patio and told Flames players that they needed to get back inside the building, Sutclills staff said in a statement.

Flames officials told Flames fans they needed the Flames to stay inside the hotel.

Flames fans who were in the hotel told Flames officials they were not able to get into the hotel because the doors were closed and there was a fire in the lobby.

Flames hockey operations manager Rob DeGross said there was no evacuation order issued but Flames officials would check on fans.

Flames chairman and general counsel Brian Burke and Flames owner/general manager Jim Barker spoke with Flames management at the hotel, Sutcler said.

Kostierski said Flames management was in the room and Flames management members were able to leave.

Flames GMs and President Rick Sutliffe and Flames President Rob Koster spoke to Flames management and were able, Sutcliffe added.

Flames Executive Vice-President of Hockey Business Operations Rob Kartelski was in Flames management.

Flames Vice-president of Hockey Marketing and Marketing Chris Duch said Flames employees who were inside the restaurant were not evacuated.

Calgary Fire crews and Flames employees are seen on a street outside the Calgary Grill restaurant.

Flames Flames players and owners are outside the Flame Hotel.

Flames ownership and general management were inside Flames management as the fire broke out around 11 a.mi.

Flames members of the team, Flames players, and owners were also inside the Flames hotel room when the fire erupted.

Flames Sports & Entertainment CEO Doug Smith tweeted that Flames management are in the restaurant.

Calgary mayor Naheed Nenshi tweeted that firefighters are still working on the blaze.

Flames spokesperson Doug Smith later tweeted that the fire was contained and Flames officials are “getting in touch with management.”

Flames CEO Rob Kerthes tweeted that Calgary Flames

How to enable adaptive media streaming on Macs

If you’re interested in learning how to enable and use adaptive media streams on Mac computers, you’ve come to the right place.

We’ve covered this topic before, and the main takeaway from this article is that you can now use adaptive streaming on macOS to access multiple streams on your Mac, or stream multiple streams simultaneously, without having to resort to multiple stream clients.

You can do this with an app that runs on your system, like Plex or YouTube for Mac, but if you want to stream directly from your Mac without having a dedicated stream client, you can do so by creating an application, like Apple’s AirPlay.

To create an app, simply open up Terminal on your computer and enter the following command: sudo pkill -F ws2:// The command will create a directory named “ws2”, which will be the name of the file that you want your application to run on.

The directory is located at ~/Library/Application Support/Apple/AirPlay.

Once that is created, the next command that you need to run is to create a file called “app” in the directory that you created earlier.

Open Terminal and enter this command: mkdir ~/Library/(Applications)/AirPlay/app This command will place the newly created app in ~/Library, and will create an application named “AirPlay”.

If you wanted to add an external video player to your application, you’d simply type in this command instead: sudo app –add-video-player When you’re done with this, open up the new app and it will launch the new video player that you’ve created, with a menu showing you which application you need.

If you want a list of supported apps, open the Apple TV app and look for the “App Support” tab.

There should be a list that says “airplay” or “app”.

You can now add an app to your app.

To do so, just type in the following commands: sudo apt-get update sudo apt – get install apparmor If you have any problems connecting to your AirPlay server, try connecting to the app via the network with your Apple TV.

If that doesn’t work, try a different method, such as the following: sudo ipconfig /all The following screen should come up: Your network interface appears as “all” on the Apple Watch.

You will now see the following messages on your Apple Watch: AirPlay is available!

AirPlay enabled.

AirPlay streaming is enabled.

Accessing your AirPods is enabled!

You can also see that you have the AirPodcast app, which you can then use to stream AirPod content.

You’ll notice that AirPOD has a list in its preferences that says: “list of devices” which means that AirPod is on your list of devices.

If this is the case, you should be able to stream from AirPodium, which has a separate AirPose application for AirPod and AirPod 2 devices, which will then stream from your AirPod.

For the most part, you’ll have a list on your AirPort Extreme that says AirPort Base station (which is the same as your AirPhone).

AirPort Express is the AirPort standard.

AirPort One is a low-cost and portable wireless router.

You should have AirPort one, AirPort Two, or AirPort 3 installed.

You may need to configure your router to have AirPoses default gateway and port settings enabled.

If your router supports AirPOSE, then you can also stream AirPort media from your device.

To configure your AirPlex, click on the “connect” link in the top left corner of the screen.

It should say “connect to your computer” and then proceed to configure the settings that you’ll need to set up for AirPlex.

If all is working, the page should display your Air Plex connection information, and then you should see your AirPad connection information.

If not, please follow the steps below to set AirPlex up.

The steps that you should follow are to setup your network interface, and to enable AirPosed connections.

To setup the network interface and configure AirPOST settings, you will need to go to Settings > Network > AirPort Settings.

From here, click “Internet Protocols”.

From here you will see a network “Interface” dropdown menu, and you will want to select the Airport Network Adapter that you configured in step 2.

If AirPOSED is disabled, then click “Configure” to set the AirPlex settings.

From the options you see, you need the following settings to be set: Default gateway : If you set this option, AirPlex will be able connect to your Mac by default.

Why ARIS Media Streamer can’t stream YouTube videos

It’s the same story with many streaming media apps.

They’re designed to play video on your TV or desktop, but you’re still using your TV’s built-in streaming device to stream your video.

But ARIS has a feature that lets you stream video directly to your TV via your phone, iPad, and other smart devices.

When you do that, ARIS automatically turns on your device’s video stream, so you don’t have to.

ARIS Streamer lets you: Start a video stream.

Play and pause video.

Stream and record video.

Play video clips.

Play a video and audio clip.

Download video clips or clips from your favorite video app.

Browse video clips and audio clips.

Select from hundreds of audio and video clips in the ARIS library.

Start a new video stream: Start your video stream by pressing a button on your ARIS device.

If you have an app that has a video app, you can use ARIS’s feature to start your stream directly from that app.

Start your ARis video stream with ARIS Replay mode: When you start your ARIstream stream, you’ll see a small “Start Replay” box on the top of your ARIAccess bar.

Select it and your stream will start playing right away.

The app will pause when you close it, and the ARI stream will resume when you open it again.

It will also stop playing once you close the ARIAcess bar.

You can pause your stream to watch another video in your ARIEccess bar: Select the “Pause” button on the bottom right of your stream and then press the button to start playing the next video.

Once you’re done playing a video, you should see the ARIs Replay button in the top right corner.

It’ll display the current video playback time and playback progress.

To stop the playback, select the “Stop” button from the bottom left.

ARIAuth bar: When the ARIEcess bar is full, you need to open the ARISAccess bar to continue playing your video or audio clips or video clips from other apps.

To open the bar, press the left or right arrow buttons on your home screen.

You’ll see an ARIAuthority bar on the left side of the screen.

Tap it to open it.

You will be prompted to enter your email address and password to authorize your account.

Tap the “Authorize” button to authorize ARIS for the video stream or audio stream you just started.

You need to use this authorization to start the video or to play a clip from another app on your phone.

You won’t be able to pause your ARIs video stream if you don�t have the video app on the device, so check out our video streaming guide to learn how to use ARIs in a variety of video apps.

Play audio clips from an ARI video: If you’re playing a clip in a video on another device, you will need to enable the “play audio clips” option.

Once that’s done, you must enter the audio clip ID or audio clip name of the audio file that you want to play in the video, and you must press the right or left arrow buttons to play the audio.

You don’t need to have the audio player open to start a playback.

To play the video you just played, you have to press the play button again on the right side of your screen.

To pause the playback of a video clip or audio file, you just need to press either the pause button on top of the video screen or the pause arrow on the video player.

You cannot pause playback in the middle of a playback or record video in the right hand bar.

If your ARISE stream is playing an audio clip, you won’t see any audio in the left hand bar, so don’t worry about that.

You still need to listen for the “start replay” notification.

You also have to wait for the start replay notification to appear.

When the start Replay notification appears, press and hold the button on ARIaccess bar and wait for it to appear on the screen (press the button again if it doesn’t appear).

Then press the start button on video player or pause button in video player and continue playing.

If the start play button doesn’t display, press both buttons on video or pause player and wait a few seconds for it again to appear in the screen and then play the start video.

When your video is over, press either pause button or start button in ARIS and the video will pause.

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When does your Netflix subscription expire?

When will my Netflix subscription be up for renewal?

The most popular streaming media service for the masses, Netflix, is currently available on nearly half of the world’s devices, including Apple, Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Roku, and others.

The streaming service has grown in popularity as more people embrace their gadgets and the devices themselves, and is now available on more devices than ever before.

With the advent of the next-generation Apple TV and Apple TV Stick, Netflix is now on more than half of U.S. homes.

On October 5, Netflix will start its new subscription year with a two-week window to renew its membership, which ends on October 21.

The service will also begin its new streaming box-style subscription for the first time in the U.K. in September.

However, the streaming service is only available to Apple TV owners and Apple devices with iOS 6 or later.

The first-year subscription lasts two weeks.

In the U, the first-time subscription costs £29.99, and it can be cancelled anytime for an extra £15.99.

On top of the two-day renewal window, the service will continue to be available on iOS devices for five days after its end.

Netflix also recently announced that it will add a new way to pay for the service: a payment plan that allows users to make one-off payments of up to £15 a month for unlimited access to all of its shows, movies, and music, as well as a free trial period.

The new plan, dubbed the Netflix One Plus, will launch this fall in the UK, and in the coming weeks in the US and Germany.

Netflix said it is looking to build on its existing one-time-only streaming plan for its members, adding that it would like to expand to new countries.

What is Netflix subscription?

Netflix’s membership model is unique among streaming media companies.

Users pay a monthly fee for access to the service.

However the monthly subscription does not come with a single set price, which is the way most of the major streaming services operate.

Instead, subscribers pay a fixed price based on their devices, which Netflix calls “the tier.”

Each Netflix subscriber can have up to two Netflix streaming devices and can watch a limited number of movies and TV shows on those devices.

Users can also subscribe to multiple devices at the same time, or they can buy individual subscriptions for individual devices.

Netflix offers a single subscription for £9.99 per month, with access to 100 hours of video a month.

Each month, the monthly fee is based on the number of devices the subscriber has and the number hours they can watch each month.

If the subscriber wants to watch more, they can upgrade to a subscription that offers a higher-end price of up for £19.99 a month or more for unlimited hours of streaming.

The cost of the monthly Netflix membership is also determined by the device used to access the service, which in most cases is an Apple TV or Apple TV Pro.

The company also offers a subscription-based video service called Netflix Ultra.

However it is currently limited to U.k. customers and only available for Apple devices running iOS 6.9 or later and on Apple TV 4.7 or later or later, or Android smartphones running Android 4.4 or later (for a limited time).

Netflix also offers an Apple-branded streaming device called the “Netflix Box.”

Netflix also sells the Roku TV.

For the moment, Netflix’s streaming service in the United States is limited to Apple devices.

It’s unclear whether Netflix plans to offer streaming devices in other countries, such as India and Brazil.

Will Netflix renew its subscription?

At this time, Netflix hasn’t announced if it plans to extend its subscription period.

However there are indications that the streaming giant is considering the possibility of a new model for its streaming service.

The most recent round of talks between Netflix and Amazon to expand its streaming services in India and South Africa came to an end last week, according to The Wall Street Journal.

However Netflix still has to sign a contract with its existing subscribers in those countries before it can move forward with the deal.

Netflix will also have to make a decision about its future in the South Korean market.

Netflix has already said that it is planning to launch its first global video service in 2017.

What are the terms of my Netflix membership?

Netflix members pay a $7.99 monthly fee that includes unlimited access, movies and shows, and up to five hours of free Netflix video per month.

Netflix’s new monthly fee also includes a 30-day trial of the service (for the first 30 days of use), but there is no free trial in the new U.ks.

Netflix members can choose to pay an extra $10 a month to keep their service on indefinitely, or to cancel the subscription at any time.

The monthly fee does not include a trial period, which allows users who cancel their subscription in the first month to start

How to watch TV without watching commercials?

You’ve got to be pretty sure you’re watching TV.

Even if you’re not, you’re probably still watching it on some level.

You can check if your TV is set up to do so, but if you’ve ever wondered how to turn off ads, this guide will help you find out.

You’ll also learn how to disable any ads that are still present, whether it’s because they’re annoying, or just plain annoying.

You could also turn on any ad-blocking software, but we’ll leave that up to you to decide.1.

Start by checking whether your TV has any ads.

This will help us find out if you have any ads on your TV.2.

To turn off any ads, you can do this with a TV remote control.3.

If you can’t see the ad-blocker, press the button labeled “Disable ads.”

This will turn off the adblocker.4.

If your TV can’t turn on the ad blocker, you need to turn it off.

It will only do so if you turn it on and off manually.5.

Next, you’ll want to check the settings on your television.

If it doesn’t have any ad blockers on it, then you’ll probably want to turn on them.

This will help remove any adblockers that are on your device.

If that’s not the case, you should check whether your device is set to automatically turn on ads or if you need additional instructions.6.

Finally, you might want to use some sort of device-specific app to turn the ads off.

Here are a few apps you might be able to find.7.

You should also check whether you have an ad-free connection.

This can be done by running AdBlockPlus, which will automatically turn off your adblock apps.8.

If there’s a notification that your TV’s ad blocking has been turned off, you could turn it back on, and then use your TV remote to adjust your settings.9.

If the ad blocking isn’t blocking your TV, you may have a problem.

Check the settings in your device’s settings.

You may need to disable your ad-hoc ads, but there’s no need to completely disable them, because they’ll be turned off when you’re finished with them.10.

If everything seems fine, your TV may have some ads on it.

It may not have any, but it may have ads for some of the services you’re using.

You might want the TV to automatically remove these, too.1) Check whether your television has any ad blocking.

This should come pretty easily.

Just press the TV remote button labeled, “Turn on ads.”2) Check your device settings.

If anything isn’t right, try the Settings app, or use a device-agnostic app.

If all goes well, your settings should be the same as those for your TV itself.3) If everything is OK, you’ve got some options.

You’ve already turned off the ads, so it’s probably a good idea to turn them off again.

You don’t need to delete them from your device, though.

You just need to remove them from the TV’s settings, which can be found in the TV Settings app.4) If you’re able to, turn off some of your apps.

You won’t be able set your TV to auto-brighten or turn on a certain app, so you may need some sort, or some sortable, way of setting them on.

If they’re enabled, you will be able turn them back on automatically.5) Now it’s time to turn things off.

You will see a notification pop up on your screen telling you to turn your TV off.

Once you do, you won’t see ads on the TV, and you won “freeze” all of your settings until you return to them.

You’re done.6) It’s important to turn ads off in the correct order.

You need to do this in the order listed in the above video, because if you miss it, you end up with ads on both sides of the TV.

If one of your ads is disabled, it will also be disabled on both the left and right.7) Finally, if you want to see what your TV actually looks like when ads are disabled, you probably want the best results by turning off both sides.

In this video, we show how to do that.8) Finally you can get rid of any adblocking software that’s still present.

The easiest way to do is to turn adblock off and then on again.

The program may ask you to restart your TV if it’s already disabled, or if it needs to turn itself back on.

How do you use Spotify on the desktop to watch your favourite music videos?

The most common way to access streaming music is to install a mobile app that runs on the phone’s touchscreen.

The problem with that is that if you are a big fan of streaming music, you might not want to keep your phone in your pocket.

But that is exactly what you can do if you have the right apps.

We have rounded up a list of some of the best apps and software for controlling Spotify and other streaming music apps.

There are many apps available for controlling streaming music on Android.

Here are our picks for the best Spotify control apps and streaming media streamers for Android.1.

Spotify on iPhone and iPadYou can use Spotify apps to control streaming media like YouTube or Pandora to your Android device, or you can also control them from the web, via the Spotify app or a third-party application.

Spotify is available on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.2.

Spotify for AndroidYou can download the Spotify mobile app for Android and control streaming music and other media using the Spotify web app.

You can use the Spotify apps for your Android smartphone, tablet, or PC.

You also can control your music by downloading music directly from Spotify, and then downloading your favourite tracks.

The Spotify app lets you search for and buy music from Spotify for your favourite artists, or add tracks to playlists.

You even can listen to Spotify in the background.

You will also need to install Spotify on your Android phone, tablet or PC to stream Spotify.3.

Spotify Pro for iPhone and AndroidYou have to register with Spotify, so you have to install it.

You should do that after downloading the Spotify iOS app, as it adds a Spotify logo to your home screen and will allow you to access your Spotify account.

If you want to manage Spotify on a PC, you can get Spotify Pro from the Google Play store.4.

Spotify Streamer for AndroidStreamer is a free streaming music streaming app for your smartphone or tablet.

You stream music on Spotify for free, and you can download songs for free.

You don’t need to buy Spotify for mobile.

You just download the music you want, and use the Play Store to buy.

You have to buy a Spotify subscription, which is a subscription to the Spotify music service.5.

Spotify Media Player for AndroidIt is an Android app for controlling your Spotify and Google Play music services.

You get Spotify on Android and an app on your computer to stream music and videos to your devices.

You control Spotify on all your devices using your smartphone, and a third party app lets users play the Spotify on phones, tablets, and PCs.6.

Spotify Radio for AndroidIf you want a way to listen to your favourite streaming music from the desktop or laptop to your phone, this is a good way to do it.

It is also a good option for those who like to listen on their PC or laptop.7.

Spotify Premium for AndroidThe Premium service is available for Android smartphones, tablets and computers, and is free.

It has a free version for Android devices and an additional free version on Apple devices.

It also offers a subscription service, which lets you access the Premium service for $1.99 a month.8.

Spotify Connect for AndroidThis is an online streaming service that lets you connect to Spotify on another device or to an Android phone or tablet using your mobile device.

You pay for access, and it will also sync your Spotify profile and add music from your smartphone to your music library.9.

Spotify Player for iOSIf you are looking for a way for your music to be streamed to your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad without having to buy additional music, this option is right up your street.

It lets you listen to music on your iPhone or iPod touch with a variety of apps on your desktop, desktop PC or Mac.10.

Spotify Mobile for iPhone, Mac and PCThis is a mobile Spotify control app for iOS devices.

The app lets people access Spotify on their smartphones, laptops, or PCs with no need to pay for Spotify.11.

Spotify Cloud for AndroidOnce you install the Spotify cloud app on a device, you are able to access Spotify from any device.

This means that if a friend has Spotify on his phone, you will be able to use Spotify Cloud on his Android phone as well.12.

Spotify Desktop for AndroidLike most of these options, you need to register for Spotify on Spotify Mobile before you can use this option.

If your account is set up correctly, you won’t need an account on Spotify Cloud to access this service.13.

Spotify Streaming Media Streamer on iPhone or iPadYou have two options for controlling the Spotify streaming media apps on iPhone.

The first is a web app, which you can install from the Play store or you could also buy from a thirdparty app.

This is what we have selected for the top Spotify control options.14.

Spotify iOS for

Amazon Prime video streaming service adds more channels, adds more genres, adds Apple TV streaming service

New York, NY — Amazon Prime Video streaming service added more channels and genres today, adding more video on Apple TV and adding the ability to stream video on an iPhone from the cloud, according to an Amazon statement.

The new features, including the addition of more Amazon-branded channels, were part of a stream of major announcements today.

The company has expanded its selection of video services, including Amazon Prime Video, in the past, adding channels like CNN, Comedy Central, ABC, NBC, Fox and others, and expanding its content to include TV shows like The Mindy Project and Amazon’s first series, The Echo Show, according a company blog post.

In addition to adding new channels, Amazon Prime has added a new way for people to watch movies and TV shows, and the company says it’s also adding new movies, TV shows and more video content to its Prime Video lineup in the future.

For example, Prime Video is now able to watch more video for free, and Amazon is offering an “Unlimited” subscription option to customers to watch video from any source for $9.99 a month, which can be combined with Prime membership to watch up to 5 hours of video a day, or as much as 60 hours of content a year, according the blog post, which also mentioned that Amazon is adding more channels to its YouTube service in the coming months.

The addition of new video services to Amazon Prime also came as the company announced a new app called “Amazon Prime” to allow users to search for and watch videos from all of the channels, movies and shows that are available on Amazon Prime, the company said.

The service also announced that the Amazon Echo Show will soon be available for iOS devices, which could help users connect their Echo speakers with their TV sets.

Other additions include adding more Amazon and Google Play Movies and TV Shows, the Kindle Unlimited and Amazon Echo speaker and speaker accessories, and an expanded selection of Amazon video apps, including Kindle Voyage, Kindle Fire HD, Kindle Paperwhite, Kindle Touch, Kindle Voyate, Kindle Xtra and more, according an Amazon spokesperson.

The Amazon Prime Instant Video service, which lets users stream video from a single app, is available for $49.99 per year.

Why are some people having issues playing video on their phones?

Why do some people have problems playing video?

It’s not a simple question.

In fact, the answer depends on who you ask.

Some people experience video problems because they have a device with a camera, and because the device’s camera sensor is in a different location from the device the person is playing on.

For example, if a person has a smartphone with a 1080p camera, they may experience problems playing videos on their phone because the 1080p resolution doesn’t fit the resolution of the video on the smartphone.

Others may experience video issues because they use their phone’s camera to play videos on the television or computer monitor.

And some people may experience the problem simply because they’re using a different camera than their phone.

There are also other factors that may be affecting the video quality of video that aren’t related to the video device or the video they’re playing on:The most common reason for video problems is that you’re using an older version of the Android operating system, which could be a problem for some people.

In addition, some devices don’t support Android 4.3 or newer, and the operating system can’t access or update a lot of data.

Some devices also have slow or poor performance, or can’t connect to certain servers, or may have problems with data or security.

Some phones have sensors in different locations from the ones they’re running on, so video on those phones may not play at the same speed as the video that’s playing on the screen.

The best way to determine if you have a problem playing video is to check for these things:If you have problems streaming video on your phone, try playing videos through your internet connection instead of a web browser.

Some streaming services, like Netflix, can also automatically turn on video streaming to help people watch videos.

If you’re experiencing problems streaming videos on your smartphone, turn off video streaming.

Turn off your camera, if possible.

If you’re having problems playing any video, try taking pictures of your phone’s screen.

Some cameras have a built-in sensor that can capture pictures of a person’s face.

Some other common issues:Some people have difficulty watching videos, because they don’t have a video player that can play them.

If this happens to you, try installing an external video player like a Roku, Xbox, or Apple TV.

You may be able to stream videos to your phone through your local internet connection, but this may not work on a wireless device.

Turning off your device’s microphone may also help if you’re unable to hear audio or video in your phone.

If your phone is silent, turn it off.

If it’s silent but your audio or audio-video connection is still working, try adjusting the volume or changing your phone settings to make it quieter.

If your phone has a slow internet connection or other problems, try setting up an alternate internet connection if you can’t play videos.

Some internet streaming services like Netflix or Amazon Prime offer free, high-speed internet for those who have an internet connection problem.

Some internet streaming companies may charge you to stream video, but you can usually avoid these charges if you use an alternate provider.

Some videos that you can watch online may be streamed to your smartphone in high quality.

Some video-on-demand services like Amazon Prime, Netflix, or Hulu may offer video quality that is better than what you can actually watch on your mobile device.

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