Olive Media streamer: ‘The world is better now than it was when we first started’

Olive Media is the first platform in the global media industry to allow anyone to embed and share videos, photos, and other content with an app.

It was launched last week with a partnership with Snapchat, and now it’s being expanded across other platforms, including Apple’s video service, Facebook, and Google+.

Olive Media’s app for Apple, Android, and Windows Phone already works on iPhones and iPads, with the company working on other platforms in the future.

Today, Olive Media announced it would be expanding to all Android phones and tablets starting with the launch of the Pixel 2 XL, the first Android phone with the Olive Media app.

“It’s been a whirlwind journey,” Olive Media CEO David Rovner told The Verge.

“We’ve been launching apps on iOS, Android and now Windows Phone for the last few years, but now we’ve found the perfect platform for our app to launch on.

It’s a massive leap for us.

We have the infrastructure in place to launch our platform, and we’ve been able to expand on that with an additional partner.”

With this expansion, Olive will have more than one platform, which is a first for the media industry.

“It’s a great way to connect our users with their friends on all platforms, as well as the platform owners,” Rovnner said.

“With the addition of our partners, we’ll be able to reach more users in the coming months, and to keep adding to our growing catalog.”

The Olive Media platform is similar to what Snapchat offers.

In fact, the Olive media app is already available on the Snapchat app.

The platform’s user interface is similar, with a “shared” view where users can see their friends videos and other clips.

It also has a “live” mode, which lets you share your own videos.

It has a wide selection of content, including video clips, photos and video clips from other platforms.

The Olive media team is also working on making the platform more like Facebook, with new features like embedding the app on other Facebook apps, and offering a curated feed of content from Olive’s own newsroom.

Rovntner said he hoped Olive Media would grow into a major player in the media ecosystem.

“The future is going to be much more open,” he said.

Olive is one of the first apps to offer video on the platform.

It can stream a video to multiple devices at once, or a single video at a time, allowing users to upload multiple clips.

There’s also a dedicated feed for news, sports, weather, and weather and sports events.

The app’s main focus is video, and there are a lot of other features like live chat, a social graph, and a new feature that lets you customize a post.

Development Is Supported By

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