Media Streamer app for Android is back for Android 10.1 (ICS) release – Google News

Media Streamers app for iOS is back with a new Android version that brings all the new features to Android.

The app is available on Google Play, iTunes and Google Play Movies and TV, and is now available for all supported devices, with a number of major Android devices including the Nexus 6P, Samsung Galaxy S6 and LG G6.

The update is a big one for the developer and for Android users, as it brings the ability to play media files and share media with your Android device, along with the ability for you to add multiple media streams to your device, which will help streamline the entire experience of media playback.

Media Streamer is available for download from the Google Play Store, iTunes, and Google Drive and is compatible with Android 10 (Gingerbread) and up.

The app has been updated to include the new Media Streaming feature, which allows you to stream media from any media player and share it across multiple devices.

If you have already purchased the app and want to use it on Android 10, head to the Settings app, scroll down and select General > Settings > Media Stream.