How to stream YouTube videos using Google Chrome

By: Andrew Toth / Staff reporterOn September 14, 2014, Google launched Chrome browser, the most popular browser on the planet.

With its latest update, Google Chrome version 50 is now the most-used web browser on earth, according to a new report from Search Engine Land.

This means that Chrome now commands almost twice the amount of desktop browser traffic as Firefox, and nearly three times the amount as Internet Explorer.

As of September 30, Chrome users were watching more than 3 billion hours of video on YouTube per day, which is more than five times the daily average for the month of March.

Chrome is the most used web browser in the world, according a recent survey conducted by Google.

The company says Chrome users use more than six billion hours per year of web content.

As part of its Chrome update, the Chrome team also added support for WebM video.

This is the same format used in web video production that YouTube has been using for the past several years.

WebM is a video format that uses the video codec H.264, which has been widely adopted by Google and other video producers.

In fact, the company is actively developing an H.265 video format for its mobile platform, Google Glass.

In addition, Chrome has also made it possible to play YouTube videos from multiple sources simultaneously, which can help stream videos on-demand and keep tabs on the latest videos.

The Chrome team has made the feature available in Chrome version 52, the latest stable release of Chrome.

In order to get the feature, you have to download the Chrome Canary branch, which was released in November.

This update includes new features like video previews and subtitles.

Chrome Canary is an experimental version of Chrome that allows you to test new features before they’re officially released.

The Canary branch is available in the Chrome Web Store for $39.99.

The official Chrome release is coming in March of next year, with a new version that’s expected to have much more new features.

Google Chrome Canary will feature a new video player that lets you stream YouTube and other videos from your mobile device or desktop computer.

You can also stream your favorite movies and music videos directly from your Chrome browser.

You won’t be able to access any other content from your computer or mobile device, though you will be able access all of the popular Google Play services, including YouTube, Google Play Music, Google Maps, Google Photos, Gmail, YouTube Search, Google+, Google Voice, and Gmail Plus.

Google says that users will be prompted to install the Canary branch if they want to stream videos from their desktop computer to their Chromebook.

You’ll be able set it up using Chrome Canary’s new web interface and then you’ll be notified that the new Canary branch has been installed.

Chrome users who are running Canary will also be able take advantage of the new feature when they upgrade to Chrome version 53.

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