How can the Italian media be trusted online?

Football Italian has launched a new product designed to help users avoid the dangers of fake news online.

The new product, dubbed “The Onion,” is designed to ensure that content on the internet is not created or distributed with the intention of harming people or institutions, according to a statement.

It has been developed with the help of the Open Technology Fund, a non-profit group that provides technical assistance for media companies to create and distribute their own digital content.

The company also plans to develop a new platform that will allow users to report fake news and other content that violates their values.

“Our goal is to prevent fake news from being published, to avoid creating it and to build a community around it,” the company’s CEO Stefano De Marchi told journalists in Rome.

“I can’t stress enough that the goal is not to create fake news, but to avoid it and not to publish it,” he added.

The Onion has been designed with the assistance of the open-source technology incubator OpenTT, a platform that enables developers to create apps and other apps that use the technology in order to facilitate interactions with users.

The software, which has been released under the GPLv2 license, will be free to use and users can also access the site via their web browsers.

In addition, the software is open source and can be freely distributed.

The company is also developing a mobile version of the software, according a blog post.

“The Onion is an alternative platform for news and analysis on the web that provides users with the ability to report content that is false, deceptive, manipulative, harmful, hateful or otherwise inappropriate,” the OpenTT developers said.

The site will allow for users to write their own articles, but the team at the Open TT will also help to distribute the software and make sure the software does not become outdated, according the blog post by the Open Times Foundation.

The team is also working to develop new features for the app and has plans to offer news and content filters, including a way for users not to be exposed to a wider range of content.

It is unclear when the app will be available, but De Marchis hopes that it will be in the first quarter of 2018.

Development Is Supported By

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