Why this tweet from @jennifer_powell is worth it: Her tweets about climate change are ‘a great gift’ for people with #obesity problems

A tweet from Twitter user Jill Powell on Wednesday was worth the price of admission.

In it, she told people with obesity problems that her diet, exercise, and exercise goals had been set too high.

“You know what?

It’s the best thing you’ve done for your health,” Powell tweeted.

“And I can’t believe I’m saying this but I have it so much better.

I have a whole life to live.”

She followed up the tweet with a message about “a great little gift” that was “for everyone” who had obesity problems.

“If you can’t find your way to the gym, I’m your doctor.

If you can get enough calories in, I can help you get in the gym.”

The tweet, which was retweeted more than 40,000 times, was the second time in as many days that Powell has used the hashtag to highlight a different health problem than obesity.

She used the #obscurehealth hashtag on May 15 to share a list of people with “obesity” or “obese related” health issues.

It has since been retweeted over 10,000, and Powell said she had “more friends on there” than people she knew personally.

She said her list of friends included people who are struggling with weight, those who are “overweight” or obese, and people who “just need help.”

She said she’s trying to reach as many people as she can.

“I think we’re at the tipping point where we can really start to help each other and help ourselves,” Powell said.

“The people that are overweight, they need help.

The people that aren’t obese, I have them, I’ve seen their symptoms.”

Powell, who is overweight and lives in the Dallas suburb of Oak Cliff, told her followers that she has an appointment scheduled for Thursday.

The @jillpowell account is one of many she’s using to promote her weight-loss efforts.

Powell said that she believes her messages can be “an easy, simple way for people to make changes.”

She has been featured in “Health Matters,” a popular program on ABC News, and she said she also has a “personal wellness” show on the Discovery Channel.

Powell told ABC News she wants to use her social media platform to “reach people who have been missing out.”

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