How to watch live video on the Xbox Live streaming service with DLNA media streaming

The official Xbox Live streamer app for the Xbox One, now available for download, lets you watch live streams of Xbox One games and movies on your Xbox One.

The app has been updated to work with Microsoft’s new streaming app, DLNA, allowing you to stream your favorite Xbox One console games and movie clips from Xbox One to your PC, Mac, Android or Windows PC, with no internet connection required.

To stream content, open the app and navigate to your console’s dashboard, which will show a live TV stream with the ability to watch a number of channels, including a number in the top right of the screen.

From there, you can switch to DLNA and select the desired channel or game, and the DLNA streamer will start playing the content.

The DLNA video streaming application will then play the stream, showing you a loading bar with a blue bar in the middle that says “Streaming” next to the stream.

Once you start watching the stream on your PC or Mac, the app will stop and you’ll see a loading screen with a red arrow next to it.

From here, you have the option to pause the stream and watch a video, or switch to the video feed on your TV.

You can also select the streaming mode you want to use, from 720p, 1080p, or 4K (for Xbox One).

The video feed also shows you what you’re doing during the stream (for example, playing a game), and the ability for you to mute the streamer if you want.

You’ll be able to change the video format to 1080p (for the Xbox 360 and Xbox One) or 480p (on Windows PCs).

For the Xbox app, this means you can stream up to four 1080p HD streams at once, plus up to two 720p HD stream.

You also can select your preferred audio format.

When you’re done watching the video, you’ll be shown the stream in your Xbox Live dashboard, and you can then select “continue.”

You can switch between the video streams in the video menu.

There are also a few other features for the video streamer in the app, like the ability (in the options menu) to adjust the playback speed.

We did find the DLNAB app to be pretty buggy at times, but that might have been a result of the app being updated to version 3.0.5, which is an older version of the DLna media streamers.

You may also want to check out our Xbox Live support article for the best Xbox One streaming options.

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