What is the best streaming media service to watch Netflix?

The internet is full of streaming media services, but which one is the most popular to watch?

According to a recent Google News poll, it was streaming media, with the likes of Netflix topping the list with an average of 5.65 million viewers per day.

The poll, which also polled its members on their favourite media channels, also found that the average age of streaming TV watchers was 37 years, with those between 19 and 29 seeing an average age increase from 37 to 44.

This is in contrast to a Google Trends report that showed that streaming media was still the top streaming media choice, at No. 2, followed by HBO, HBO Now and HBO Go.

The average viewing time for streaming media is typically two hours, whereas Netflix typically takes up to four hours to watch.

However, while streaming media tends to attract a younger audience, the average viewing speed is often slower than that of traditional TV, with Netflix showing the highest average speed of 566 kbps.