When it comes to video streaming media, Netflix has an answer: The ‘Star Wars’ universe

Posted January 12, 2020 06:21:55Netflix has a new offering, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, but it’s not for the faint of heart.

In the new trailer, the company shows us what it’s doing with the Star Wars universe.

It’s a very different experience, and a lot more interactive than we have before.

The trailer opens with Luke Skywalker being rescued from a stormtrooper’s jaws.

The trailer then cuts to a shot of an exploding Rebel starfighter, with Leia and Han Solo jumping into the air.

Then, there’s a shot that shows us a shot in space, and it shows the two ships racing around in the aftermath of the battle.

The ship in space is Luke Skywalker’s Millennium Falcon, while the ship on the ground is the Millennium Falcon that was destroyed during the Battle of Yavin.

The Millennium Falcon appears to be destroyed in the final scene.

The new Star Wars-themed trailer has an interactive interface that allows us to control the various characters in the universe.

We can zoom in on a particular character and select the camera angle, as well as change the color of the character’s face.

We can also select an individual character, or the entire galaxy, from a selection of characters.

These characters are selected with the character name and face.

When a character is selected, a dialogue box appears and shows us the next dialogue option for that character.

We then have the option to watch that character speak to another character in the same galaxy.

We are then presented with a series of scenes, and the dialogue boxes show us what characters are saying.

If we choose a certain line of dialogue, we can then switch to that character and watch that scene.

If we want to listen to a specific character’s dialogue, or change a character’s appearance, we are presented with that option too.

We select which dialogue option we want the character to listen or change.

We also have the ability to choose the music for each of the characters.

We are given a selection that is displayed when a character chooses a particular line of dialog, but we can change the choice later.

We also have an option to change the character on screen and to change all the dialogue, in the main menu, in-game and through the in-app purchase.

There are a lot of new characters in this trailer, and we have a lot to learn about all of them.

There are some characters that have been previously introduced, like the stormtroopers.

There is also the TIE Fighter, and that one looks familiar.

And then there are the X-wings, who have been a little bit absent from the trailers.

The X-wing looks a lot like the XF-22 Raptor from the Star Trek films.

There is also a brand new Imperial pilot called Poe Dameron, who has a lot in common with Luke, Han, Leia and Chewbacca.

We have the Millennium Empire, which is a group of powerful superpowers that were created by the Emperor.

They have the power to create and control anything that moves, and control the stars, including planets, moons and even lifeforms on other planets.

The Imperials are also a force of good, and they have to protect their new home world from outside threats.

There’s also a group that has the ability called the Death Star, which was created by Han Solo.

The Death Star was used in the destruction of the first Death Star.

We get to see a little of what’s happening on a galactic scale in this new trailer.

We get to take a look at the Death Stars in action.

We even get a look behind the scenes of the Death star as it’s destroyed.

We learn that a group called the Rebels, which have been the focus of the trailers, are also on the planet Yavin, but the battle there has already been won by the Rebels.

We then have a look inside the Death stars hangar, which houses all the weapons and technology that the Rebellion used to destroy the first Star Destroyer.

It looks like it’s a massive building, but in the trailer, we see it’s only a single, two-story structure, with a huge hangar door to the outside.

We see what appears to have been an Imperial fighter flying through the hangar, but that’s not a fighter, it’s an X-Wing.

The Death star hangar is actually a Death Star command center.

The scene in the command center shows us how the Emperor’s new force is being used to fight against the new threat the Rebels are creating.

They are also launching a number of new weapons against the Rebel base on Yavin 4, and then using them against the Imperial base on that planet.

There was a time when there were some major battles between the Deathstar and the Rebels on Yakin, but there are now more than four major battles in the series.

The scenes in the hangar are part of the StarWars: TheForceAwakens experience, which begins on January

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